maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2016

Static strength

In lifting you can get three kinds of strength:  Concentric ( lifting ), eccentric ( lowering ) and static ( holding ). Everybody does concentric and eccentric but how about static? I think that it is one of the missing links in many peoples training and it is easy to fix! Just pause the lift. However when you do the same movement like the squat for an example, you should always do the pause in the same part of the lift and pause should be accurate like 3 seconds for the whole training phase ( usually at least 3 weeks ).

Here is an example:

Back squat, 3 s pause at the bottom Week 1. 5 x 4 Week 2. 5 x 5 Week 3. 6 x 5 Week 4. Deload 2 x 5

Why do just two when you can do all the three? Train hard, but train smart!

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